Light as a symbol of hope? What do you see? Light and shadow portray the current state of affairs in both digital and physical world.

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Little intro text

let there be hope

There is faith in a time of uncertainty. There is still a reason to be hopeful in this circumstances because of the strong sense of solidarity.


They tried to put the sufferers in order, but it failed to act effectively. The slightest mistake, a bad decision made has caused a chaotic scene. Since the start of the movement, we have been longing for freedom – Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of information and free from the incompetence leadership.

conscious alert

It is becoming worse day by day until we realized something. Something that is needed to be fixed, something that is needed to be changed for the better future. It is never too late to voice it out !

faded hope

Soon it will reach the end. But which ‘end’ are we hoping to see ? The end of the political game that suffers it’s nation, the innocent ones ?


You failed us. We don’t need your sympathy. We, the suffering citizens can take care of ourselves. We come together as one to overcome adversity.


Of course it is common! It is part of our culture to have double standards and hypocrisy in dealing with issues. Here, there is no such thing as equality in justice. The poor are punished, the rich are protected.

chasing dream

The journey to the Olympics has been tough. But remember, we are all in this together, with a clear direction to fulfill '‘the dream’'. We are proud of you.

loyalty or disloyalty

August 2021 – September 2021. In this crucial month, we may see some ‘colors’ shift. Some people may abandon the ship and some people may change their beliefs. But, which direction they will head to?

one motif

We live in the same country. We live in the same city. We live in the same neighborhood. We are ONE.